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Does UL 62368-1 allow for a solid green colored bonding conductor?

More specifically you asked:  Does UL 62368-1 allow use of a green colour insulation for a protective bonding conductor?  The product has a detachable cord set, complying with UL 817 – must the protective bonding conductor in the cord also be green and yellow? How to evaluate when the bonding conductor is totally inside the cord?


In response, the protective earthed conductor in a detachable power supply cord is considered a protective earthing conductor and not a protective bonding conductor.


Based on sub-clause, the protective bonding conductor shall be green-and-yellow. 


As a CAN / US National Difference, cord sets and power supply cords may employ a "solid green" protective earthing conductor according Annex DVE, G.7.


For protective bonding conductors in general, states that for a protective bonding conductor the color also shall be green-and-yellow except for two cases specified in 


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