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Have any other countries / regions been identified other than the EU that will not accept legacy end products certified to 60950-1 (or 60065) after December 20, 2020?

Based on our understanding (as of August 2019), Europe is the primary region that has a hard transition date of December 20, 2020 for a 62368-based standard (EN 62368-1:2014).


There are several other countries that have announced the same transition date, including Singapore, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Israel and several countries in Africa (but not South Africa).  However, not all countries require all products / components to be safety-certified, so more in-depth analysis may be needed based on the specific product or component being considered – please feel free to contact UL for further analysis - .


Canada and the U.S. will have a soft transition on the same date, with CSA/UL 62368-1 Ed 2 (or Ed 3 when published) only applicable for new av/ict products & components.


Japan has a 62368-based standard (JIS C62368-1:2018), but they have not announced a formal transition date yet and are actively working on a Ed. No. 3-based standard, which likely will be the standard version associated with a hard transition.


Australia has a 62368-1 standard (AS/NZ 62368-1:2018), but they have a December 2022 transition date.


Other key countries, such as China, Korea and Taiwan, have 62368-based standards in various stages of development, but not published yet, so it is very unlikely they would announce a transition date as soon as December 2020.  However, we expect these standards likely to be published within the next 6-12 months, so the situation requires constant monitoring, which UL is doing.

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